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Director Shri Ram Venu: Pawan Kalyan can take the main idea of ​​'Pink' to the general public through 'Vacation Saab'


Director Sriram Venu has talked about balancing Pawan Kalyan's star power with the main idea of ​​'Pink' in the Telugu remake ake Vekel Saab.

Director Sriram Venu is aware of the dual responsibilities on his shoulders – to deliver a film that will keep Pawan Kalyan's massive fan happy, given that the actor is returning to the screen after three years, and of the original idea. Stay true for Hindi film rose (2016), which Wekel Saab Is a remake of Taking time out for this interview, to oversee the final stages of post-production Wekel Saab, Who is scheduled to release in theaters on April 9, says that he is trying his best to see that it is worth watching rose Reaches the nooks and corners of both Telugu states.

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The fact that Amitabh Bachchan starred rose And its Tamil remake Nirkonda Pervai The Ajith Kumar starrer has been widely seen in both theaters and does not bother Sriram on digital platforms. He said, “India is a country where language and ethos change every 100 kilometers. As someone who grew up watching Telugu movies, I need to re-understand and tell this story, which applies it at the regional level. "

Two sides

Appearance of an A-list star. No means no can help in taking a statement rose Reach far, but Sriram says that during the writing process, he was conscious of the fact that a coin has two sides: "Pawan Kalyan can take this film to the masses, but the star's presence Comes with accessories. I have tried to strike a balance between catering to Star Power as well as the story without preaching it. This type of film can be seen by an IAS officer who is a middle class as well as a daily wage laborer. The film has to appeal to all. "

Shriram Venu with Pawan Kalyan

Reflecting on his first directorial film Oh my Friend (2011), starring Siddharth, Shruti Haasan, Hansika Motwani and Navdeep, Sriram says that she focused more on the intent of the story, so the film did not do well at the box office compared to the entertainment boxer. Please tell that he liked the film. I wish they had seen it in theaters, ”he says with a laugh.

Oh my Friend A box office turkey created a problem, in which the subsequent project was not taken up. in this Middle class abbey (2011N) Nani, Sai Pallavi and Bhumika Chawla for Sriram to prove that she can make a commercially viable film.

Arts and commerce

Shriram shared that he grew up watching mainstream movies and loves spending time in cinema halls. "If I was not a filmmaker and I had enough money, I would spend all my time watching films." He was later introduced to World Cinema thanks to the Hyderabad Film Club and at one point, enrolled in the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. But eventually, he made advertising films and documentaries and entered Telugu cinema.

His interest in world cinema, he says, was at the crossroads, making him wonder whether he should make films for the arts or take the mainstream path. Over time, he realized that it helps to walk the tightrope.

Talking about Wekel Saab, He shared that the team was successful in shooting 70% before the lockdown, as the project was originally scheduled to be released in May 2020.

Nivetha Thomas, Anjali and Ananya Nagla revisited the parts played by Taapsee Pannu, Kriti Kulhari and Andrea Triang in Hindi origin. “All three women are from different backgrounds. Nivetha fits into the part of a confident urban woman of today. Anjali's part required an experienced female actor who could tell the emotional trauma, and I chose Ananya after watching her first film Mallesham. She plays a naive, innocent girl who is relatively new to the city. "

Although Shriram hesitates to reveal much about Pawan Kalyan's characterization, he hints, "He is a star appealed lawyer and we show what he has to do." I am waiting to see how people will get this film. "



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