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A closer look at the Mercedes-Benz GLC


The Mercedes-Benz GLC is one of the most popular premium midsize SUVs. Despite being one of the oldest offerings in the segment, it is still a strong seller for the brand.

In 2019, Mercedes-Benz gave the GLC range a mid-life refresh, and now for 2021, the carmaker has filled it with some new features. Priced at ₹ 57.36 lakh for petrol and ₹ 63.13 lakh for diesel, this 2021 edition has seen a price increase of ₹ 1.50 lakh and ₹ 2 lakh on the respective 2020 versions.

We are behind the wheel of the GLC 200 petrol, and touch all but the new during the 2021 range.

what's new?

The GLC further enhances its contemporary styling by the 2019 update, so it still sports sports LED lights, oversized three-pointed star in a large two-slat grille, stylish 19-inch wheels and some butch-looking elements SUV to go with personality.

What's new is that Mercedes is now offering options for two new paint shades in 2021 – high-tech silver and brilliant blue (as seen in this review). Our test car came with all-black interiors.

One of the talking points about the interior is the new 12.3-inch all-digital instrument cluster (which shares it with other models) that offers multiple display options for speedometers, tachometers, navigation, and more. Mercedes has also added a 360-degree camera to the equipment list, and what's good is that the camera quality and performance are at the top.

When it comes to seat comfort, the GLC's already luxurious front seats now boast a massage function; And as long as it is barely as intense and effective as you would like a & # 39; massage & # 39; As one would expect from the seat, it is still a good choice.

It is more that the superb MBUX infotainment system that made its debut on the 2019 GLC goes a step further in terms of connectivity. & # 39; Mercedes Me & # 39; In addition to the connected car features through the application, which allows users to check the status of the vehicle, lock / unlock the car remotely, locate the vehicle, call for services / support, the 2021 update Remote engine start and features are also included. Operating Windows and Sunroof through Mobile Applications.

With Alexa and Google's Home Integration, users can take advantage of all the connected car functions from their assistive devices via voice commands from the comfort of their living room or office.

Overall, the GLC's cabin is a good location, with high quality materials, comfortable and supportive seats, a spacious and practical layout, and ample glass area.

How is it to drive?

Previously, petrol was & # 39; 300 & # 39; The guide (now discontinued) was introduced with the 245hp / 370Nm engine, while its current & # 39; 220 & # 39; In iteration, it is down to 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbo-petrol engine numbers, making 197hp and 320Nm.

Compared to the '220d' diesel, this motor makes 80Nm less torque. So, is torque deficit hindering performance? The simple answer is – no.

Mercedes only offers the GLC 200 petrol in a two-wheel-drive configuration (transmitting power to the rear wheels) compared to the all-wheel-drive diesel. This makes the petrol much lighter, and therefore the torque losses are much less noticeable.

The engine only feels spritly and energetic like the diesel right from the get-go; It is also sleek and does its work in a silent, sophisticated manner. Even the build of speed is linear, and it has received more than enough performance to keep most users satisfied.

Implementing this engine is a 9-speed automatic transmission, which performs seamlessly, and the flexibility of nine ratios means that the turbo-petrol engine will spin lazily at low speeds, thus increasing fuel efficiency to a certain degree Provides assistance.

This version of the 2021 carries the same suspension shown in the 2019 facelift. Therefore, even though it wears a longer 19-inch wheel, its suspension is softened, and creates a good balance between ride comfort and driving.

Should i buy one

The GLC is a well-rounded SUV packing in space and comfort, equipment, mature driving etiquette and wears a very desirable three-point star.

While the 2019 refresh gave the GLC a new life, it is an update to the 2021, though modest, definitely enhancing its appeal with 360-degree cameras, digital speedometer consoles, front seat massagers and new connected car features.

If your usage is strictly on the beaten path, the two-wheel-drive GLC 200 petrol is not only more refined and sleeker than the diesel, but it is cheaper than ₹ 5.77 lakh, thus making a strong case for itself .



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