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Many Christian homes in Kerala should have warts on Thursday as 'Ma Pesaha' appam.


Appa of Pesa, an unripe bread made of rice flour, is cooked in many Christian homes.

For Marina Charles, Lent's flavor is unproven, steamed Indri Appam, Money Appam and Kuruku, Made at his home in Thiruvananthapuram. That was not all. “My mother, Thelma Gomez, comes from St. Andrews near Menamkulam in the capital city, also used to make sweet hot cross buns that were rich in spices like nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and all-spice powder. is. St. Andrews had a unique culture with a trace of Portuguese influence and so she baked hot cross buns for Easter. My wife, Lyda Gomez, who made it Indri Appam (or Money Appam) and Kuruku, Also called Pasha Pal, ”Says Marina, a popular cookery instructor and blogger who is based in Bengaluru.

Numerous options

As a food of all things, each region and Christian denomination in Kerala has its own tastes for Lent. What is common is the simple food that is usually served on Mondi Thursdays and Good Friday after the church service ends. While it's always Kanji (Rice porridge) and love (Green Moong) on ​​Good Friday, it is on Mondi Thursday Money Appam, An unleavened bread made of rice flour which is baked in many Christian homes throughout Kerala.

Profession appam or kurishappam

For many Christian families, lentils are a period of fasting, prayer and moderation. Although Easter eggs and bunnies are becoming increasingly popular, many families continue the tradition of making or buying Money Appoints. "However we make Easter eggs, cakes and hot cross buns, which are more in demand Indri Appam which is served on Mondi Thursday, ”says Reena Thomas, one of the partners of Square One Homemade Treats, a popular bakery in Thiruvananthapuram.

Marina says that since cakes are easy to make, many ethnic snacks traditionally made during Holy Week have been forgotten, as they are mostly time consuming, laborious stirring and cooking with rice flour. Occur. To continue the tradition, Marina makes a point to make it Indri Appam every year.

Traditional practice

  • St. Michels Bakery, Bread Fort, Ambrosia and Square One Home Treats make hot cross buns that many of us are familiar with because of its popular nursery rhyme. Michelle David, owner of St. Michels Bakery, makes both hot cross buns and hot cross breads. He says that there is a customer for this as some families have roti or roti with milk on Mouni Thursdays. It is available at various bakery outlets on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Promoter S says that Bread Fort will also be making about 20 to 25 hot cross buns and different types of bread for Maundy. As Square One Homemade Treats will be closed for Easter from Thursday, their hot cross buns and Pesa Appam Will be available on Wednesday.

Preeti Abraham, the home cook, recalls that in the queen's childhood, in Pathanamthitta, in Maundy, service started at around 3 am on Thursday. Indri Appam is made with rice flour and Urad dal, Was boiled, either like leaves Ila Ada Or in a pot. “The cross we got for Palm Sunday was suppressed in the middle. In the evening, after prayer, the eldest person in the family blessed Appam, chopped it down and served it to others for dinner. It is dipped in a syrup that we called Kuruma, also called looked after in some places. looked after It is made from jaggery and coconut milk. Nowadays Preeti cooks looked after And a friend of his makes Appam and they share it.

Wayanad-based Babu Stephen is the son of YouTuber Annamma Pulivelil aka Annamma Cheddar (Annamachathi Special) states that in his parish, The Indri Appam While the banana leaves are boiled Money Called appam Kurishu Appam Because there is a palm leaf cross in the middle of it.

Thursday in many Christian homes in Kerala at Maundy & # 39; Pesa & # 39; Appam (Uncooked Bread) and & # 39; Pal & # 39; is made.

Thursday in many Christian homes in Kerala at Maundy & # 39; Pesa & # 39; Appam (Uncooked Bread) and & # 39; Pal & # 39; is made.

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Traditions prevail

“All my siblings, and our children gather at our house because my mother lives with us. After the prayer, it is Kurishu appam, Is made with a small amount of sugar, cut by the eldest person in the family and shared among all of us. Usually, after the service, this distribution of food was done in the church. This time, according to the COVID-19 protocol, all of us in our parish have been asked to offer prayers at home after the service, ”says Babu.

Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns

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In many houses in Kollam, flour made of rice flour, coconut and jaggery, is filled. Wynn The leaves (bay leaves) are turned into cones and boiled, says Jesse Ignatius, a former school teacher at Coles. "However, my mother used to make mother in ThrissurPulikatha Appam'(Unproven Appam) Made without yeast. It is made with rice, urad dal, sprinkles and coconut and is ready as soon as the mixture is ready. My mother used to be Kuruku Rice powder, coconut milk, jaggery, a little ghee and roasted cumin. I loved the taste of cumin Kuruku,"She says.

Marina says that some people can add a little jaggery to it Money Appam and it gives a brown tone. And this looked after Season can also be done with cardamom. “Kalathappam, a pot-made roti, is also made by some families in Maundi on Thursday. Made of rice flour and spiced lightly, it had fried chutney and coconut, ”she says.

Taste-enhancing agents and names may vary, but not on the occasion when families break bread together on Thursday for the Moundy, a symbol of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.

Recipe of Money Appam


Rice Powder: 1 cup

Urad Dal: 3 tbsp

Grated Coconut: 1 cup

Garlic: 1

Small Onion: 2

Cumin: a pinch

Water: 1 to 1: cup


Soak the urad dal for 30 minutes and grind it to a smooth paste by adding some water. Coconut, (do not grind coconut to finely grind) Mix a little water with garlic, small onion and cumin. Add salt and boil water and when it starts boiling add rice powder, mix well a little at a time. Now add dal mixture and coconut mixture and mix well. Transfer the batter to an enlarged pan and make a cross with palm leaves. Now steam for 20 minutes. Cool it and transfer to a serving dish.

How to make sail

Melt the jaggery and dissolve it with 200 grams of water. Add condensed coconut milk (4 cups) and stir for a few seconds, do not let it boil. Take it off the stove and serve cold.

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