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UN envoy calls for Myanmar to stop & # 39; civil war & # 39;


United Nations: Myanmar accused by United Nations security Council Junta violently suppressed pro-democracy protests as a warning of the risk of civil war and an imminent "bloodbath", to take action on Wednesday amid the growing crisis of the Asian nation.
More than 520 people have died in daily demonstrations since the overthrow of the elected leader of the army Aung San Suu Kyi On 1 February, Myanmar's decades-old experiment in democracy was halted.
"I appeal to this council to consider all available means to take collective action and to do what is right, what the people of Myanmar do to prevent and prevent a multi-dimensional catastrophe," Special Envoy Christine Schrener Bergner Told according to the closed-door session. Comments received by AFP.
She said she remained open for talks with Janta, but added: "If we wait only when they are ready to talk, the ground situation will only worsen. A bloodbath is imminent."
UN envoy from Britain Barbara Woodward, who requested the meeting, told reporters that the Security Council was "united in its condemnation" and was discussing "a series of measures at our disposal".
But China, considered Myanmar's main ally, rejected the sanctions.
Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun said in a statement, "Unilateral pressure and calls for sanctions or other drastic measures will increase tensions and confrontation and further complicate the situation.
The season began on Wednesday after the arrival of Soo Chi's legal team.
75-year-old Suu Kyi has not been seen publicly since she was removed from the post, but her legal team member Min Min Soo was called to a video meeting with him at a police station in the capital, Napidow.
Suu Kyi faces criminal charges and could be sentenced to life imprisonment.
The coup and the subsequent actions of the junta have triggered international condemnation.
Britain called for an emergency meeting after dramatic use of military force against protesters over the weekend.
In another violent escalation, Myanmar's military on Saturday launched the first airstrike in Karen State in 20 years after a military base was seized by a rebel faction – anticipating a return to armed conflict in an ethnically diverse nation.
"The brutality of the military is very serious and many (armed ethnic combatants) are taking a clear stand of protest, increasing the likelihood of civil war on an unprecedented scale," Bergner said.
"Failure to prevent atrocities from escalating further will cost the world more than investing in long-term containment, especially by Myanmar's neighbors and the wider region."
Chinese Ambassador Zhang said that he wanted Myanmar to "restore peace, stability and constitutional order as soon as possible and carry forward the democratic transition."
He also called for the protection of foreign businesses – an important concern for China, which raged dozens of its factories against Beijing.
Earlier, a group of ousted MPs from the National League for Democracy (NLD) of Suu Kyi, who are working against Janta, said they were "a new civilian government" in the first week of April without any further details. will build.
World powers have repeatedly condemned dissatisfaction with the sanctions and the violent crackdown on the hit junta figures, but have not yet shed the pressure on the generals.
US State Department Has ordered non-essential diplomatic staff and their families to leave from Myanmar, and Japan – one of the country's top donors – has withheld new aid payments.
Along with the targeted sanctions, the US has also suspended a trade deal with Myanmar.
Linda Thomas Greenfield, US Ambassador United NationsIf the army did not step in, the possibility of action increased.
"They said if they continue the attacks they were doing on the civilian population, then we have to see how we can do more," he told reporters.
The rising bloodshed has also angered Myanmar's 20 or so armed ethnic groups, who mostly control large areas in the border areas.
Three of them – the Taong National Liberation Army (TNLA), the Myanmar Nationality Democratic Alliance Army and the Arakan Army – were set to join the protesters' fight on Wednesday.
TNLA Brigadier General Tar Bone Kyaw told AFP that the trio would end their ceasefire with the military.
"If they continue to kill people, we have no reason to extend a unilateral ceasefire with them," he said.
Two other organizations — the Karen National Union (KNU) and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) — have intensified attacks on the military and police in recent times.



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