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US orders diplomats outside Myanmar as violence spirals


Yangon: The United States on Wednesday ordered non-essential diplomats to depart Myanmar, After the escalating violence military coup To exclude the civic leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
Daily protests demanding the reinstatement of the elected government have met with a military strike that killed more than 520 civilians in the weeks following the coup on 1 February.
The Junta's violent reaction triggered international condemnation – and threats of retaliation by some people in Myanmar Numerous ethnic armed groups.
America state Department It was ordering the departure of "non-emergency US government employees and their family members".
The State Department said that this decision was taken to protect the safety of employees and their families.
World powers have repeatedly condemned violent action with dissent and restrictions on violent top junta cadres.
But the pressure has not affected the generals. On Saturday, the annual Armed Forces Day, witnessed the biggest loss of life ever, killing at least 107 people.
Spiral bloodshed has angered 20 or so armed ethnic groups of Myanmar, who control large areas of territory mostly in border areas.
Three of them – the Taong National Liberation Army, the Myanmar Nationality Democratic Alliance Army and the Arakan Army (AA) – threatened to join the protesters' fight on Tuesday until the army rejoined its action.
Although the trio still acted on their warnings, two other organizations — the Karen National Union (KNU) and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) — have intensified attacks on the military and police in recent times.
A police station in Bago was allegedly hit by a rocket attack that injured five officers on Tuesday, although it was not clear who was responsible.
KNU, ​​one of the largest rebel groups, occupied an army base in the eastern Kaien state over the weekend, prompting the military to respond to airstrikes.
Further attacks were carried out on Tuesday, but KNU's head of foreign affairs Padoh Saw Taw Ni said the group would continue to vigorously support the people's movement against the "military coup" ("military coup").
The fifth brigade of the KNU made a statement on Tuesday condemning the airstrikes and warned that the military had no choice but to "face these grave threats".
Around 3,000 people fled the jungle in search of cross-border security in Thailand after the weekend's strike.
The Thai Foreign Ministry said late Tuesday that 2,300 have returned to Myanmar, while around 550 are in Thailand.
Karen activists have accused Thai authorities of pushing people back and accusing them of detaining UN refugee officials from the area.
Thai Prime Minister Prutut Chan-o-cha insisted that the refugees had "no influx" and that state officials "did not intimidate them with guns or batons".
Some of the Karen people injured in the weekend's attacks sought medical treatment on the Thai side of the border on Tuesday – the most serious case being a 15-year-old with a broken lung and a broken rib.
Thai police said they intercepted 10 parcels containing 112 grenades and 6,000 rounds of ammunition in northern Chiang Rai province that were destined for Myanmar's notorious border town of Tachileek.
The United Nations Security Council will hold an emergency session in Myanmar on Wednesday, requested by former colonial power Britain.
The 15 members will meet behind closed doors, beginning with a briefing by UN Special Envoy Christine Schreiner Bergner in Myanmar.



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